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          1. About Us
            Production site
            Contact Us

            After-sales Service Department
            Tel: (86538)8362357
            Fax: (86538)8362357
            post code: 271000
            E-Mail: hongkang@hongkang.com

            Braches of Sales Company

            Person in charge:Zhu Hongjun
            Mobile Phone:
            13305485998 13805389371


            Company Introduction

            As a private enterprise integrating with scientific research&development,manufacture and sale,Shandong Hongkang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.is founded in 1982. it has been the research&development,intermediate experment, manufacture base in the field of metal plate uncoiling,leveling,shearing sletting production line through the enterprise spirit of ptagmaticim, loving post,innovation and high efficiency and the managing faith of honesty,mutual benefit,win-win and coexistence.

            The leading production of Hongkang is plate uncoiling leveling,shearing slitting production line,reversible and tandem cold rolling machine,plate stretching,bending and leveling production line,steel coil packing material production line and heavy steel-structure production line,the single machine of which is leveler,lapping machine,shearing machine etc.Our plate uncoiling,leveling,shearing/slitling Line was assessed famous brand in Shandong Province.

            Hongkang Co.has established complete and perfect quality control system and passed the certification of ISO9001 with 2002 Version.Hongkang Co.Ltd.,was awarded the shandong patent star enterprise in China and key high new technology enterprise of China.It undertaked the job of drawing national standard of.steel plate uncoiling,Leveling and shearing produetion Line.

            In order to realize strong-strong combination,advantage mutual compensation and improve ability of market competitiom.Hongkang strengthened the cooperation and communication with scientific research academy at home,introduced into many advanced technologies from the international same industry,Through assimlation and absorption,innovation and development,our ability of design and manufacturing have achieved the international advanced level in the same industry.

            Hongkang company has became the vigorous enterprise with good economic and societal efficency in the same industry of China by rapid and steady develpment.

            Contact Us
            Add: Mountain Tai Youth's Career Developing Zone in Tai'an city, Shandong province
            link person: Xuan Keyuan Zhu Jing
            Tel: (86538)8362357
            Fax: (86538)8362357
            post code: 271000
            E-Mail: hongkang@hongkang.com
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